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A webring for Flipnote Hatena and Sudomemo users!

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Thought I'd make a webring for people who've made flipnotes and remember Flipnote Hatena and Sudomemo! Noticed that some people on here have, or still make and post them online. So it seems like not too niche of a subject to make a webring from. If you have no idea what a webring is, This seems like it explains it well.

Webring Rules:

-Must be either a Flipnote Hatena/Sudomemo user, new or former one.

-Website doesn't have to be Flipnote related at all. Though it would help if flipnotes were mentioned somewhere on your site, a sudomemo link, embedded flipnotes, anything that lets people know you've used Flipnote Studio before, or just grew up watching flipnotes!

-Websites with certain content need warnings if applicable (NSFW--gore or 18+ content, autoplay if you feel it needs one, etc.).

-Only personal sites and other places where HTML, JavaScript, and CSS editing is possible are allowed! No social media or sites meant for advertising, NFT or AI anything, etc.

-No sites promoting bigotry or hate speech, please.

I can decline or remove anyone from the webring for any reson, just saying. Just please be respectable and follow these rules.

How to Join:

Send an email to sfpfashion41@gmail.com with this application:


E-mail address:

Website URL:

Website Description:

Button (optional):

Link to Sudomemo and/or flipnote archive profile:

(So I can link your to your flipnotes. Also optional)

When accepted and added to the list, paste this code wherever you'd like to display the widget!

<div id='ringnote'>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://onionring.neocities.org//onionring-variables.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://onionring.neocities.org//onionring-widget.js"></script>

And this between the header tags:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://flipnotering.neocities.org/onionring.css">

And this is what the widget should look like!


Feb 28, 2023- Got rid of the random button on the widget due to the script conflicting with other webrings on members' sites. I...don't know how to fix that.